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Video: Jim Harbaugh explains how champions are made in Jordan commercial

Yesterday, Jordan brand released an ad featuring Michigan's Jim Harbaugh that has been very popular on social media.

Compete, compete, compete.

Prepare like a champion with @CoachJim4UM in the #JordanBreakfastClub.

— Jordan (@Jumpman23) December 27, 2016

Harbaugh always seems to offer a unique perspective, which is exactly what he delivers in the commercial as he provides some perspective on how champions are made in football:

"Most people are looking for more fun and less work. If you're an individual looking for more work and less fun, then you can be a champion."

"The guys who want to do well in football enjoy the struggle of football. The ones that love that physical confrontation excel in football - it makes them feel like a man."

"The ones that compete like maniacs. That crave the contact. They seperate themselves from the others. You've got to outwork people. Run, run run. Compete, compete, compete."

"You can't be everything, but you can be anything you want when the work is done."