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Video: Jim Harbaugh has significant slip-of-the-tongue in post game press conference

If you tuned into the first quarter of the Michigan vs. Rutgers game, you caught a Rutgers team that went toe-to-toe with one of the top teams in college football, ending the quarter knotted at 7 after an 80-yard rush put the Scarlet Knights on the board. But the second and third quarters saw Michigan rattle off 28 unanswered points before adding a fourth quarter touchdown to leave Piscataway with a 42-7 win.

After the game Jim Harbaugh noted at his post game presser that they knew it would be a battle going in and that Rutgers was better than their 1-win would lead you to believe.

That's where the video picks up below, so listen closely to see if you catch Harbaugh's slip up.

Catch it? At the 4:00 minute mark, Harbaugh notes that, "...there's a team that's really close to breaking through, and winning multiple, consecutive, games. Rob does a really good job with the team. They had a good plan offensively, and a good plan defensively."

The issue with that? The head coach of Rutgers is CHRIS Ash.

Surely Harbaugh, who has his team at #4 in the country and playing as well as anyone out there in college football, just got caught in autopilot mode when rattling off responses to the typical post game questions and it was a simple slip of the tongue. There is no "Rob" on Rutgers' coaching staff, but a Rob Ash does exist - it's just that he's the former head coach at Montana State and current offensive analyst at Arkansas and has no Big Ten ties whatsoever.

Okay, so maybe the slip of the tongue isn't all that "significant," to most, however there are certainly people out there who live for the Ohio State vs. Michigan rivalry coming up that will look (and already are looking) at that oversight of Ash - a former Urban and Buckeye assistant - that will use it to fan to the rivalry fire's flames.