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Video: JJ Watt has a message about leadership that has gone viral again

After their loss to the Bengals to drop them to 4-11 on the year, JJ Watt was asked about how the Texans regroup to finish the season.

The answer from the passionate three-time defensive player of the year, where he calls out some of his teammates, quickly went viral. It's not the first time a message from Watt has done that, as some will recall his comments about commitment, or rent is due every day.

"If you can't come in and put work in the building, go out to the practice field, do your lifts, and do what you're supposed to do, then you should not be here."

Watt goes on to share that the people he feels bad for are the fans that really care that are putting in time, energy and effort and are buying their jerseys and team gear.

"This is a privilege. It's the greatest job in the world. You get to go out there and play a game, and if you can't care enough, even when it's week 17 and you're trash and you're 4-11, if you can't go out there and give everything you've got, that's bullshit."

"That's who I feel the most bad for, is our fans, and the people in the city that care so deeply and who love it, and who truly want it to be great...and it's not. That sucks as a player, to know that we're not giving them what they deserve."

When coaches talk about leadership and buy in, this is a glimpse of what they mean.

See Watt's full comments in the clip.