The Oakland Raiders and Tide banded together for a special Mother’s Day promo that will leave you feeling really good.

The clip begins with Jon Gruden pulling up to a house in a Raiders van and knocking on the door of an unsuspecting mother (and judging from the reaction – a likely Raiders fan) with a laundry basket full of goodies in hand.

The looks on their faces when that door opens for them to see Gruden at their home is awesome.

In typical Gruden-speak, he lays out why he’s appeared on their doorstep.

“I’ve been over there working with Tide you see, and I’ve even learned to do some laundry. I have become a very good washer and dryer, so if I could help you while you relax this Mother’s Day weekend, I could do some laundry for you…and I could even fold it.”

Nice idea and execution from Tide, the Raiders, and coach Gruden here.