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Video: Kansas State's new football complex is jaw-dropping impressive


Kansas State athletic director John Currie opens up this video showcasing the new Vanier Family Football Complex by explaining:

"It's important to remember that we've never set out to have the most ostentatious, or fanciest facilities. But we have chosen to have facilities that are really classic, and classy."

"We are now closer to looking like what we really are, which is a model intercollegiate athletics program."

Bill Snyder and various members of the football and athletics staff then go through what the new facility means to them, and how it will make the lives of them, and their athletes much, much better and more efficient from the new training room, to the expansive new equipment room and weight room.

They may not have set out to make the facilities in Manhattan, KS the best in the country, but what they did come up with is nothing short of jaw-dropping. These are some impressive upgrades.

This one definitely has the "wow" factor.