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Video: Kentucky hires archaeologist to find evidence of last win vs. Florida

SEC Shorts burst onto the funny video scene earlier this year with a short on Saban's Coke bottle, and then last week they did a nice parody video on Tennessee's turnover trash can.

These guys are going to be churning out funny stuff all season long.

For those that missed it Saturday, Florida used a blown defensive alignment - where the 'Cats forgot to cover a Gator receiver - to win 28-27, extending their streak over the Wildcats to 32 years straight.

The last time Kentucky beat the Gators? 1986 - which also happens to be the year I was born, and back when gas cost 89 cents per gallon, Cheers Growing Pains were among the most popular TV shows, and Billy Joel, The Pet Shop Boys, Lionel Richie, and Madonna were dominating the music charts.

So back to that SEC Shorts video - this one will have you grinning right from the title: Kentucky hires archaeologist to find evidence of last win vs. Florida.