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Video: Kentucky players and professors switch roles for a few days


As part of a class project, a handful of Kentucky football players turned the tables on their College of Agriculture, Food, and Environment professors, and a few fellow students, to show them what it's like to be a student-athlete for the Wildcats.

The players helped the professors learn a bit of the playbook, and taught them some fundamentals as part of the project.

Each one of the professors that weighed in confessed that they had their eyes opened to some of the struggles that their student-athletes faced, which was what the players aimed to do with the project.

The program also had some rather unexpected repercussions.

"Yesterday morning, as they started to introduce the playbook to us, one of the first thoughts that I had was 'Oh my goodness, is this the way that they feel when they're in my class? Because it just sounded so foreign to me, so it was a really neat role reversal to give me the perspective of what it's like when I'm up there talking about something that I know so well, and just roll on through so quickly, to just step back and think: 'What about the students who have just been introduced to this topic?" Jennifer Hunter, a professor of Family Sciences explained.

"There's another thing that's happened here that has been very beneficial" Bryan Hains, the associate professor of community and leadership development who advised the students on the project idea added. "The students are learning what it means to be a teacher. They've had to go from using high-level PHD language, to breaking it down to brass tacks."