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Video: Kirby Smart plays dodgeball against children, fails to dominate

We all know the five rules of dodgeball: dodge, dip, dive, duck and dodge. But in this case I find it appropriate to add another one -- dominate.

When adults compete against children, dominion over the young must be established -- quickly and forcefully. I'm talking about this:

Kirby Smart played dodgeball against children today and treated it like it was a damn trip to the park.

Look at this nonsense -- standing at the back (out of bounds no less), using his teammates as shields, not showing a hint of aggression those children need to see from him. How can we expect the next generation to grow into successful adults if they don't have a memory of the head coach of their favorite football team spiking them in the face with eight PSIs of rubberized plastic and unbridled aggression from which to draw from?


I have to tell you I think it's all over now. I just don't see how Smart can command any respect in the Georgia locker room now.

Kirby Smart has some mad dodge ball skills

— Radi Nabulsi (@RadiNabulsi) June 23, 2016

I mean, that crow hop? Is Georgia even in the SEC anymore?

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