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Video: Kirk Ferentz shows the legendary Hayden Fry around the Hawkeyes new facility

In 2015, Iowa put the finishing touches on the 178,000 square foot Stew and LeNore Hansen Football Performance Center where fingerprint scanners don the entry to the building, the team holds court in high-tech meeting rooms, and where HD televisions are located everywhere you look with some flashing daily schedule updates while others highlight big wins in Hawkeye football history.

It's a $55 million building geared toward the development of players on the roster, something that the legendary Hayden Fry passed along to Kirk Ferentz while Ferentz was one of his assistants. Yesterday, Iowa tweeted out a video of Fry visiting the facility, and taking in the new building.

At the beginning of the tour, Fry takes a look at the legendary Hawkeye players that decorate the walls and reminisces about a few of them.

"There's my favorite, Reggie Roby. He led the nation in punting," Fry noted as he looked around at the pictures. "Chuck...I still remember him throwing up on my shoes and pants."

About a minute in, Fry meets up with Ferentz, and the two take a look around the facility together and the more Fry sees, the more blown away he is at what Iowa has built for the future of the program.

Watching coach Fry, now 87 years old, walk around and interact with former players and some of the coaches he helped get started in the profession is really cool to witness.

Coach Hayden Fry Tours the Hansen Performance Center

— The Iowa Hawkeyes (@TheIowaHawkeyes) September 13, 2016