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Video: Kliff Kingsbury leads a tour through the new Texas Tech locker room

Texas Tech recently completed a major overhaul of their locker room, and late yesterday Texas Tech released a video of Kliff Kingsbury leading a tour through the new space.

As soon as you step foot through the doors, you're immediately hit with every helmet the Red Raiders have worn over the past few years on one side, while the other side is full of the gear they hand out to players. Clearly Texas Tech was going for the "wow" factor right off the bat.

Just beyond that to the right is the players lounge, that is still waiting on a few minor finishing touches, and then you hit the revamped locker room that went from a "wooden, basic" look (according to Kingsbury) to red backlight lockers with all the bells and whistles.

One of the unique things about the layout of the new setup is that Kingsbury and his staff decided to have the players that make up the leadership council right in the middle of the locker room. That way they're easily accessible by other players, and can see what's going on throughout the locker room. Pretty cool idea.

See more on the locker room from Kingsbury in the video.