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Video: Kliff Kingsbury lets Madden20 know he's not happy

With the highly anticipated Madden20 coming out on Friday, EA Sports and various NFL teams have had some fun with players complaining about their Madden rankings in various areas.

First-year Cardinals head coach Kliff Kingsbury admits he heard all that talk from players, and told them to not worry about what the creators of a video game think of their skillsets.

...but then someone with a pre-released version of the game sent Kingsbury a screen shot of what he looks like in the game, and he had to eat his words a bit.

Here's what Kingsbury had to say about how he's portrayed in the game.

Those running the Madden NFL 20 twitter account chimed in with the perfect response, and the Cardinals clapped back.

">July 31, 2019

Someone needs to grab pictures of Kingsbury when he was a player in the NFL and compare the two pictures.