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Video: The largest (and perhaps most versatile) Wildcat quarterback you've ever seen

Every once in a while a larger than average quarterback bursts onto the scene and turns heads with his ability. Think Jared Lorenzen - a.k.a the "Hefty Lefty."

(Google it guys too young to understand).

Well this tweet from Patrick Netherton will get your attention right off the bat with that second sentence: "A 350lb Wildcat QB."

Normally, guys that line up and take a snap from the Wildcat formation and doing one of three things - 1) handing off the jet, 2) faking jet and running power, or 3) faking jet and running counter.

But this kid, Joshua Johnson from Calumet New Tech (Gary, IN) is is capable of much more than just that. In his first few clips he's breaking tackles and running away from dudes a counter out of the Wildcat, dropping 40-yard dimes to open wide receivers downfield, hurdling defensive lineman on runs between the tackles before carrying most of the team for a handful of extra yards, and taking jet sweeps from a wing spot.

Whether he's taking snaps or lining up next to the quarterback in the backfield, Johnson is a sight to behold with a really unique skill set for a big fella. Might want to keep an eye on that name as he'll be a class of 2019 graduate.