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Video: Les Miles explains why fear of failure can be crippling in the coaching profession

There's no need to mince words, anyone that knows college football knows that Kansas is one of the toughest coaching jobs in all of college football.

In a recent sit down with Tom Rinaldi of ESPN, the worldwide leader featured Miles' return to college football at Kansas, and asked him about how he felt about Kansas being the toughest job in college football.

Miles called that belief "hornswoggle."

"I think that's hornswoggle. I don't give a damn what you think to be honest with you. I look at the guys differently than the way you look at them."

"I look at what they can be. Not what they have been. I think what we can be, is damn special."

Miles is also asked about his fear of failure. He shares candidly that fear of failure may be one thing he lacks, and then goes on to explain how something like that can be crippling to someone in the coaching profession.

"Fear of failure just takes a good football coach and reduces him to someone who can't make a play, can't make a call, doesn't have any confidence in his team, and that guy can't call plays for me."

See more from ESPN's feature of the Mad Hatter and Kansas in the clip.