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Video: "Like a house" - Pat Fitzgerald explains the Northwestern team philosophy


Really great video here from Northwestern where Pat Fitzgerald takes the lead and talks about his team philosophy at Northwestern, and it starts with the analogy of building a house.

"Building a house is something that I talk with the guys about all the time. Number one, you have to have the right area to build a house in, you have to build it upon something that you believe in - a rock, you can't build it on sand. From that standpoint, what we believe in here is what we value."

"The foundational phase of what we believe in is, first and foremost, our attitude. The good Lord gave us the power to choose our attitude despite what happens to us."

"The other cornerstone of what we believe in is investment, and that is consistent hard work over time."

Hear coach Fitz explain more about the Northwestern philosophy below.