“The Process” is a phrase that, long ago, should have been trademarked by Nick Saban. No one has embraced, and used it as a cornerstone for building a dynasty quite like Saban has.

Saban has took the podium and talked about The Process – which, if it had to be summed up in the simplest possible terms, could be explained as focusing on the day-to-day details instead the end goals – countless times over the years.

Earlier this week, a video resurfaced a few different places from a presser of Texas Tech men’s basketball coach Chris Beard did back in December of 2019 where he breaks down what The Process is in relatable terms that coaches and players can easily wrap their heads around.

What he says takes just over a minute, and is a great summary of what coaches like Nick Saban and others have in mind when they talk about The Process.

Take a look.



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