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Video: The Man in the Mirror

South Carolina released a video meant to highlight their off season work over the weekend, and after watching it I've realized it's also the perfect motivation for a Monday.

The theme of the video centers on the battle with the man in the mirror.

"Let me tell you what the biggest obstacle in life is. You close your eyes and walk into that bathroom, and look in the mirror. That is going to be your biggest problem. That is going to be your biggest obstacle."

"You are your biggest problem. Alright? Because you hold yourself accountable. You make excuses for yourself. Every day you make a choice in your life, to either be good, or to be GREAT."

"Our job is, every single day that we come in here, we give championship effort - no matter how we feel. Never again will we be outworked. Never again, will anyone be stronger than us. NEVER AGAIN will we have any excuse."

Check out the full clip for more.