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Video: Mark Richt shares bizarre recipe for what he calls "Hot Dog Delight"

It's no stretch to consider Mark Richt the resident food expert among college football head coaches. Others may challenge him for the crown, but at least in my mind, he's got the title to himself.

You'll probably remember that last year, during ACC Media Days, he shared the proper way to eat a sandwich and it quickly went viral and was a topic of conversation for at least the next week.

Today during the ACC Media Day activities, Richt took things a step further and shared a rather bizarre recipe for what he calls "Hot Dog Delight". It starts with two pieces of bread toasting in the broiler, plus a hot dog (done however you choose), some American cheese, and then "hammering it" with beans, and loads of ketchup. Hear him explain it in the clip, courtesy of the true king of BBQ in the media - Andy Staples.

Based on that recipe, I wouldn't expect to see Richt making it on the Food Network anytime soon. Don't hold your breath.

By the way - living in Chicago for a few years, I'm of the belief that the red-sugary substance Americans love belongs nowhere near hot dogs, but that's a debate for another time.