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Video: Mike Bobo brought Hines Ward in as a guest speaker


Almost 20 years ago Mike Bobo was slinging touchdown passes to Hines Ward at Georgia, so it's only natural that when Bobo decided to bring in a guest speaker for his Colorado State squad, he turned to his college teammate and the iconic 14-year NFL veteran receiver of the Steelers.

Ward shared a number of good messages, including how Spring practices are the important foundation for what they'll accomplish as a team in the fall, the importance of leaving a legacy of their own at Colorado State, and what he misses most about playing football.

"That's what I miss most about football. There's no work environment where you're going to go from an all-time high, to an all-time low, and vice-versa. So just enjoy the moment, and cherish the times that you have."Ward explained.

"Remember, build your mental toughness, impose your will on your opponents, and don't take crap from anyone." Ward told the team in closing. "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard. Remember that, you can apply that to whatever you want to do in life."