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Video: Mike Gundy challenges his quarterback to take his shirt off at a rally, then rips off his own

Mike Gundy is as creative as it gets when it comes to bringing positive attention to his program. From alternate uniforms, to creative schemes, to the mullet, Gundy knows what he's doing.

The latest example of that came last night during a rally at the Oklahoma State's basketball arena.

Gundy started by challenging his quarterback, Mason Rudolph, to take off his shirt. Of course, Rudolph rose to the challenge. Then Gundy surprised everyone by ripping his shirt off as well and then raising his arms as if he were channeling the famous Gladiator scene where he raises his arms to the crowd and asks, "Are you not entertained!?!?!"

See the video to see it all play out.

Coach Gundy challenges Mason Rudolph to take his shirt off, and then proceeds to do the same. Who wouldn't want this guy as their coach?

— Joel Devick (@joelyranch3r) October 14, 2017