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Video: Mike Leach offers thoughts on the potential zombie apocalypse

No topic is off limits, and there is no filter with Mike Leach. That's a large part of the fun with his interviews and what sets him apart in front of a camera.

He's tackled a lot of different topics over the years, and gave his opinion on stuff most coaches would find trivial over the years, but with Halloween fresh in the rearview mirror, one thing he hasn't tackled was checked off the list at his post-practice presser yesterday - his thoughts the zombie apocalypse.

"I know this is a minority opinion, and I can say that safely with the success of the shows and movies, but I find zombies to be the most boring of the monsters because everything with zombies is redundant. So you basically have dead bodies walking around and get body parts chopped off and continue to walk around and it's pretty undefined on what it takes to kill a just keep chopping away at them evidently."

"I honestly think I wouldn't store that much. I'd store all of my favorite things. Have a nice, locked-in space."

If you couldn't tell yet, Leach isn't a fan of the zombie craze.

"I actually think, in a zombie apocalypse, I would die of boredom before anything else. I think some of my neighbors would start shooting zombies and there's another one, and there's another one, and another zombie...this is a really ugly, pretty attractive for a zombie."

"I've been kind of waiting for the zombie thing to run its course so we can get back to vampires or something that's far more captivating...or something that isn't quite as science fiction."

Catch Leach's full response in the clip below at about the 22:30 mark.