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Video: Mike Riley narrates "There is no place like Nebraska"

Mike Riley, the new face of the Nebraska program, does a really nice job narrating this piece about Nebraska, one of the most iconic football programs of the past 50 years.

Produced as if he's penning a personal letter to a recruit (or perhaps even a fan), this is one of those videos where you'll want to stop everything you're doing, and hang on to every last word.

"This place was built by people working together to build it the right way. That's what Nebraska, and what playing for this program, has always been about." Riley notes.

"In the end, we are all responsible for each other. That's what a team is, and what representing something bigger than yourself means...and what representing Nebraska means."

It not only does a good job characterizing Nebraska, but it also serves as a good analogy for Riley, and his staff, as coaches and people

"We're here to grow young men and win championships, and those aren't exclusive of one another."

"We're going to build this the right way. Let's start building it together." he ends by saying.

Those are pretty strong words considering Riley has only been in Lincoln for a handful of months after spending 14 seasons in Corvallis leading Oregon State, but it also provides some perspective on just how highly regarded this job is to him.