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Video: Minnesota takes "Row The Boat" literally with day off pool race

"Row The Boat" and PJ Fleck have become pretty much one and the same, as you can't really think about one without the other after hearing the phrase throughout Fleck's rebuilding of the Western Michigan program, and on through his transition to taking over the Minnesota program.

Fleck and his program literally eat, sleep, and live the Row The Boat mantra, and that was very evident in their activity of choice for their off day recently.

Fleck and his staff took the team to the pool, where they had lanes marked off and an inflatable raft in each lane set up for a race. In order to propel their personal vessel, each player had small paddles strapped to their hands.

As you can see, players really embraced it and all participated (with some even donning life vests to get in on the action), and at the end the players grab Fleck and another coach or two to make sure they don't leave dry.

ROWing our way to the end of training camp! RTB Races were ELITE!! #RTB#HYPRR#SkiUMah

— P.J. Fleck (@Coach_Fleck) August 22, 2017

I, as well as many others, have been fascinated over the years with how Fleck finds ways to use this motto within his program, the community, and around campus, and how he gets such a great buy in from his guys. This is another great, very tangible example of that.