Minnesota unveiled some new uniform combinations during a team meeting this morning, and the mantra’s that you hear Fleck talking about all the time are on prominent display – starting with Row the Boat.

The stripe down the middle of two of the new helmets is actually a giant oar, and you might remember oars making their way onto Western Michigan’s helmets during Fleck’s time in Kalamazoo.

The oar addition on Minnesota’s helmet is considerably bigger and more noticeable.

The official press release on the new Minnesota uniforms notes that; “A unique pattern of an oar, boat and compass are emblazoned on the jersey numbers and collar to represent the program’s Row The Boat culture. An oar also makes up the center stripe on the helmet and a compass with the player’s number inside of it is displayed on the back above the school’s traditional Ski-U-Mah cheer.”

Maroon, white and anthracite jerseys were the new additions shown to team this morning, along with maroon, white and gold helmets, and four new pairs of pants (maroon, white, gold, and anthracite. The gold helmet and pants that are a bit deeper shade of gold than has been used recently, but has been something that the official release points out fans have been wanting to see brought back.

The new uniforms quite literally are the Ski-U-Mah tradition, meeting the new Row the Boat culture and mean that Minnesota football will now have over 100 different possible uniform combinations in 2018.

Check out the video of the new swag below.