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Video: Mississippi State football has the perfect answer to "Who Are We?"

A lot of times, in recruiting, it helps to be able to tell the history of your program, and while today's recruit's value the here-and-now more than any generation before them, a program's past and tradition can tell an important story that should be highlighted in a way that demands attention across the board.

Mississippi State has a rich football tradition that goes back decades, and while they hit number 1 in the country just a few short seasons ago, their history is also filled with its fair share of struggles.

So when the Bulldogs made this video that asked themselves "Who Are We?" they were able to provide a captivating, honest, entertaining, and eye opening answer.

"Say what you want about the time in between, we were at the top of the SEC in the 40's, the best of the West in the 90's, and #1 in the country in most recent times. Knock us down all you want, but Bulldogs always get back up."

The video lays out some of the best moments, players, coaches, and traditions that Mississippi has had, and serves as a great sub-four minute video intro of their program to fans and recruits alike.

"We're not just where history is celebrated. We're where history is made," the video points out near the end.