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Video: Remember when Mizzou players went nuts over the iPad mini? Now they have the real deal

Issuing iPads to players isn't exactly a ground breaking concept for athletic departments, as players at Ohio State and Syracuse both received the tablets from their respective athletic departments back in early 2012, but Missouri is the latest to jump on board with the trend.

Having your athletic director hand deliver them to a team meeting with a personalized message is a nice little touch.

Earlier this week, Missouri athletic director Mike Alden swung by the meeting room to deliver the good news, and hand out the iPads, complete with the players' number (in Mizzou's signature font) in place of the Apple logo. Alden also noted that starting in August of 2015, every student athlete at Missouri will be issued an iPad.

Just in case you needed reminded, players were uncharacteristically excited to get the iPad mini back in December of 2013 as part of their Cotton Bowl gift package, so this is a really big deal. See video of that below.