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Video: MMA legend Chuck Liddell spent a week helping train the Cleveland Browns

NFL teams have been bringing in martial arts experts dating back a few decades now, but the Cleveland Browns were able to find a way to bring in MMA legend Chuck Liddell for a week to help train Browns players on some hand-to-hand combat.

What is it that Liddell brings to the table when it comes to training professional football players with a team that has been looking for an edge for well over a decade?

"The biggest thing that we try to work with them, technically on is just body-on-body contact, and wrestling guys and getting their balance."

"The bigger thing that we work on is mindset. Trying to get these guys to treat it like a fight. You're fighting the guy in front of you and trying to break him mentally and physically."

"This is a fight. This is not just a game. We're fighting to win."

See more from Liddell and some of the drills he's having Browns players go through in the clip.