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Video: "Molding Champions" at Michigan State


One of the hallmarks of Mark Dantonio's program at Michigan State has been creating champions, both on the field and off.

In the "Molding Champions" video that was released out of East Lansing over the weekend, narrated by the golden voice of ESPN's Mike Tirico, a light is shed on Michigan State's championship process. More than a hype video, this clip is clearly a statement of the Spartan approach that has become so successful under Dantonio and his staff.

"What does it really mean to be a Spartan?" narrator Mike Tirico asks part way through the clip.

"It means being a part of something bigger than yourself. Being a part of a family - a team. A culture of hard work, forged by sacrifice and dedication, stressing excellence in the classroom, and the community."

"It means pursuing championships with a never quit attitude, all happening in the spotlight."

Fans will appreciate this one, but it's recruits that this will really resonate with.