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Video: Murray State player gets married after practice by coach, who happens to be an ordained minister

Murray State defensive lineman Bishop Woods and his fiance Caitlin Myers got hitched yesterday in what will turn out to be one of the most interesting story lines of the entire football season.

Four months ago, Myers and Woods welcomed their first son (Benjamin), and the two were growing tired of waiting for their wedding ceremony. So yesterday, when Woods learned that offensive line coach Brian Hamilton happened to be an ordained minister, he was compelled to ask his coach if he'd be willing to marry him and his fiance. Of course, coach Hamilton was on board.

They wasted no time, and ESPN points out that Woods called Caitlin to share the good news, that he'd found a minister willing to marry them, and they could do it today in front of their friends. It takes a special individual to say "Yes" to that, but Caitlin was all in.

They had a quick rehearsal before practice, and then and soon as practice was done the two, along with coach Hamilton and another assistant, met at the 50-yard line of Roy Stewart Stadium for the real thing, surrounded by teammates and friends, and Woods was still in his cleats and practice uniform, minus the pads.

One of the coaches on staff was kind enough to pass along video of the unique ceremony with FootballScoop to share.

Coach Hamilton's approach to the unique event will have you laughing the entire time. The guy is hilarious.

Congrats to the new Mr. and Mrs. Woods, and a very special tip of the cap to Caitlin for being on board with the idea, and Hamilton and the Murray State staff and team for helping it all come together!