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Video: Navy pitches recruits by telling the stories of past graduates

The always excellent crew behind Navy's videos has started a new project entitled "The Brotherhood Hero Series" which will highlight the success of past graduates, and they picked a good place to start.

The premier video checks in with Brian Stann, a 2003 graduate (4-1 vs. Army, thank you very much) who went on to serve two tours of duty in Iraq with the Marines as a platoon commander, then become a world champion mixed martial artist, and then become the CEO of a non-profit that helps servicemen find jobs back home.

As Stann tells is, the high school version of himself never would have thought the previous sentence possible before arriving at the Naval Academy.

"I came to this institution and I surrounded myself with excellence. All of my classmates, all of my friends, my peers in that locker room, we hear things like honor, determination, courage, we hear that talked about when playing football anywhere. Here it's truly the displayed. Here you come to play football, but it's a brotherhood where you move on past playing football and you go on this adventure, you go on to take on these leadership challenges that you won't find anywhere else," he said. "You become stronger, you become tougher, you become far more intelligent, and you learn to be a greater total being than you ever were before. You're not going to pick up those schools at any other school in the world."