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Video: The Nick Saban Coach Rehabilitation Clinic

The folks over at SEC have been pumping out some quality videos for a while now having some fun with everything from the #ItJustMeansMore conference from Things Alabama fans have never said, to Butch Jones' turnover trash can, to the story of Nick Saban's Coke bottle.

They've found a formula that works, and have been executing it brilliantly.

Their latest doozy is titled "The Nick Saban Rehabilitation Clinic" and it's pretty darn funny. Think of the coaches that Saban has compiled on his staff, both over the years and currently that didn't work out somewhere else, and names like Butch Jones, Mike Locksley, Lane Kiffin, and Steve Sarkisian come to mind.

"At the clinic, you'll be able to coach, and interact with five-star athletes that would be just as successful whether you're there or not," the narrator points out.

At one point, the narrator, after pointing out some of the other pros of attending the clinic, shares some successful names that have come through - Kiffin, Sark, and finally...Joey Freshwater.

Take a look at the rest for yourself.