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Video: Nick Saban has clearly mastered the art of the recruiting pitch

In the history of college football, there might not be a more solid recruiting pitch than what Nick Saban and his staff are able to share about the Alabama program. They've got a lot to sell in Tuscaloosa, and I know I can't be the only that has to wonder what an Alabama recruiting pitch sounds and feels like.

Well, over the weekend some Zoom footage of Saban sharing his recruiting pitch was shared and caught fire over social media.

The pitch includes everything you would expect to hear about developing players to realize their dreams of being drafted and playing in the NFL, and the success they've had and run of national titles.

However, what I found really interesting from the provided footage is how Saban takes what other schools say about Alabama and finds a way to use it to their advantage.

"Everyone is going to tell you in recruiting, 'Oh don't go to Alabama. You can play at our school before you play there. They've got so many good players there, you won't be able to play. You could play at our place earlier.'"

"I think that is the worst stuff people can tell you," Saban shared. "First of all, when they tell you that, they're insulting you...because I wouldn't be sitting here talking to you if you couldn't play here."

"Number two, when they say you can play at our place before you can play at Alabama, they're just telling you that Alabama is better than them. Then, number three, if you asked our players on our team, they'll tell you just the opposite. They will tell you that the competition made them better."

Saban goes on to share stories from top Crimson Tide players that faced off against each other in practice, like corner Marlon Humphrey going against wide receiver Amari Cooper every day. Both guys went on to be the first guys at their position off the board during the NFL Draft and are now star players in the league.

"All those guys will tell you that made them better. The competition made them better. The guy I practiced against was better than the guy I played in the game against."

"So don't listen to any of that, is what I'm trying to tell you."

"Now, this ain't for everybody. Everybody can't play for the Yankees, man. You have to want to be good. You have to want to play for the best. You've got to want to be the best."

Hear more from Saban's pitch in the clip.