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Video: Nick Saban has Michael Jordan talk to team

When you're arguably the greatest college football coach of all time facing a pandemic and swirling doubts of a season this fall, who could you bring in to deliver an encouraging message to your team?

How about Michael Jordan - the greatest basketball player ever and most intense competitor in perhaps all of sports?

The Last Dance 10 episode series featuring Jordan and the backstory of the Bulls dynasty of the 90s became the most-watched ESPN documentary of all time averaging 5.6 million viewers during the live airings early on in the pandemic back in April. While today's college aged kids had heard the stories of Jordan's competitive nature and the greatness of those Bulls teams. For the younger generations, including the ones on Alabama's roster currently, The Last Dance served a next-level look at one of the greatest dynasties in all of sports, and an honest look at how Jordan was the catalyst helping it all not only come together, but also stay together.

Back in May, Saban shared a clip of a lesson he credited to Jordan via that series.

In the short clip that Alabama shared of Jordan's virtual talk with the team, Jordan touches on what "the process" means to him.

"Winning has a price. You have to put forth the effort every single day," Jordan shares with the Tide.

"Coaching can only give you the motivation. They can give you the plays and all that, but at the end of the day you've got to have self-determination. You have to want to be the best. If you're all on the same page, and everybody wants to win, that's the whole process."

See the full clip below.