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Video: Nick Saban is asked about his affinity for "Deez nuts" jokes

One of the many things that people love about The Dan Patrick Show is that DP is one of the best in the game at interviews. He's not going to just to just go through the motions and get stock responses from people he's talking with on the show.

That was evident today when Nick Saban joined the show. After some questions about what it was like to prepare for Tom Brady in college and then the NFL and being asked about the toughest quarterbacks to prepare for during his career, the topic quickly turned to Saban joking around with players at practice.

According to previous interviews DP had with former Tide running back Josh Jacobs (now an emerging star with the Raiders) Saban has an affinity for "Deez nuts" jokes with offensive players. The show later had Tua Tagovailoa on, and he confirmed Jacobs' story.

Naturally, Patrick asked about it while Saban was on the show today, and Saban's answer both confirmed the story, while also being his usual diplomatic, well-composed interviewee.

"Well, I like to have fun with the players. I think that it's good that they see you every now and then in a little bit of a different light."

"Since I am a defensive coach, and I probably get on the defensive players a little bit more ferociously, it's a little bit easier for me to be more lighthearted with the offensive players. You know, there are always guys on your team that you love, like Josh Jacobs and Tua and Henry Ruggs, we've had a lot of really good players on offense that had great personalities and great work ethics, and you just love them. Those are the guys that I usually pick out to do the teasing stuff."

If you're anything like me, it's hard to think the Saban ripping assistant coaches, players, and officials on game day is the same guy ripping "deez nuts" jokes at practice, but they're assuredly one and the same.

Here is a rewind of the Jacobs sound byte, as well as Saban's response to it on today's show.