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Video: Nick Saban shares a story of the time Bill Belichick chewed him out for coaching too much

Before Nick Saban became arguably the best college football coach of all time, he was an NFL assistant under Bill Belichick with the Cleveland Browns.

In an old clip that was recently dug up and shared by Danny Schaechter, Saban shared a story from his time in Cleveland where Belichick laid into him about coaching too much.

"We'd have a scrimmage with the Cleveland Browns, and Belichick would chew my butt out man. He'd say 'Let the players play.' And I was like, 'Man, I've never had my butt chewed out before for coaching, and teaching.'

"But I have to say the same thing sometimes with our coaches now. Because there is a time where you've just got to let the players play. Because in the game they've got to know what to do and how to do it, and they can't rely on someone to make a call for them, can't depend on someone else to recognize things for them. So we actually do stuff in practice now, when we do team and move the field I make the coached get off the field, make the calls, and let the players play."

Coming from programs where you're expected to do some sort of coaching on the run after every play, that's an interesting perspective that definitely seems to have its merit.

See Saban's full comments below.