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Video: Nick Saban puckers up for charity with the LemonFace Challenge

Back in September, Aubreigh Nicholas was diagnosed with a rare and incurable form of childhood cancer called diffuse intrinsic pontine glioma, or DIPG, according to

To help raise awareness, Aubreigh's Army was formed, and much like the ice bucket challenge for ALS a few years ago, the group has been on a mission to raise awareness for DIPG with a new viral challenge called the LemonFace Challenge. In it, particpants take a giant bite out of a lemon wedge and record their reaction. Back in late March, Aubreigh's Army issued a challenge to Nick Saban, and last night a video of Saban taking on the challenge was posted to the Aubreigh's Army page.

With what I can only best describe as a grin, Nick Saban stares into the camera before stating, "Aubreigh, I am honored to take this Lemon Face challenge for you. Okay, here it goes."

Saban then takes a huge chomp out of a lemon wedge before giving a one-eye tightly shut puckered face.

Take a look at the full video for more, and head to to read more about Aubreigh and her fight.