Nick Saban was not asked about Cam Robinson’s non-suspension for his arrest in Louisiana this off-season, which SEC Network analyst Paul Finebaum called “an embarrassment” for the media.

Finebaum asked Saban about it later. There were fireworks.

Finebaum discussed Saban’s mood while the show was off the air.

And here’s what the cameras didn’t catch.

There is also this, from’s account of events from the sceneWithin earshot of media, Saban launched into a four-letter tirade directed at Finebaum. In it, he used his fingers to note the small amount of marijuana found in the car and insinuated the arresting officers were disgruntled LSU fans. 

And to think, Saban opened his 2016 season in part by thanking the media for their coverage of college football. Those warm feelings lasted, oh, about two hours.

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