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Video: Northwestern's "Coaches in Cars Getting Coffee" is back for Episode 2


On Friday, Northwestern debuted a new web series entitled "Coaches in Cars Getting Coffee". If that sounds like a direct adaptation of Jerry Seinfeld's new web series "Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee", that's because it is.

Episode two is, shockingly, just as simple as the pilot. It's head football coach Pat Fitzgerald and head basketball coach Chris Collins driving around Chicago and swapping stories. While the first episode centered around Chicago and its status as "the best sports city in the world", as Fitzgerald proclaimed, this time around the conversation centers on family, sports, and how they intertwine in their incredibly sports-centric lives.

This series likely plays better with the 40-plus crowd than the 17-and under crowd, but it's a great way for Northwestern to show the personality of its two most prominent employees, let out-of-towners get a glimpse of Chicago at its peak and, as the Darren Rovell's of the world say, it's a fantastic way to take care of a sponsor.