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Video: Northwestern's offensive line is showcased in 'The Hunt'

In a refreshing look at what's actually happening on the field in Evanston, Northwestern's web series "The Hunt" takes a spotlight on the Wildcats' offensive line. The key for the big guys up front in their effort to rebound from last year's 4-8 disappointment? Play together and play physical. 

"At offensive line, I think the most important thing is always fundamentals," said offensive line coach Adam Cushing. "Getting back to the basics is the best way to focus on one day at a time, getting one day better. I think we've really stressed on playing together a lot better, and how each individual understanding the greater scheme, each individual understanding how their play affects the guy on either side."

Two other notes:

1) The camera work in this video is gorgeous.

2) I want to hire the narrator of this video to provide play-by-play of my every day life.