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Video: Notre Dame shows off all the Under Armour gear, and helmets they order per year

Notre Dame has always been a program that has embraced their rich tradition. For a long time that meant sticking to the same uniforms and helmets, but over the past decade or so, they've found a new way to embrace that tradition with alternate helmets, uniforms, and flashier cleats and accessories than the traditional Fighting Irish fan had gotten used to.

At first, it ruffled some feathers, but in today's world of recruiting where things like uniforms, multiple apparel options, and gear play a significant role in the decision of a lot of prospects. Notre Dame has embraced that reality and is on the forefront of a lot of really cool and interesting stuff going on with uniforms, cleats, and helmets that captivate the attention of recruits, and add to their rich football tradition.

In this quick clip, Notre Dame opens to doors to their equipment room to show off just how much gear they have for players, and it includes; 336 helmets available per year, 3,083 gloves ordered per year, 3,020 socks ordered a year, and 557 jerseys available annually.