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Video: Ohio HS player headbutts official, game ends immediately

In a penalty filled first-half between Roger Bacon HS (Cincinnati, OH), and Dayton Dunbar HS (Dunbar, OH), one player lost his cool leading to the game to be called immediately, according to USA Today.

Midway through the second quarter of the game, with Roger Bacon HS driving deep into Dayton Dunbar territory, two officials threw the 12th flag of the game as the play was wrapping up. You can watch the moment unfold via this link or by skipping to the 1:22:50 mark of the video below.

Keep your eyes locked in on the official marking off the penalty yardage. After the head official makes a correction to the crowd on the down, a Dunbar player can be seen lunging with his head directed at the official's head, knocking him backwards just after another flag had been thrown. Then on the way off the field, that same player starts charging the head official before being dragged back by teammates and a coach or two following another flag flying.

Shortly after that you can see both teams leaving the field, starting with visiting Roger Bacon HS. The officials decided to call the game at that point, with Roger Bacon HS in control and leading 23-8.

The following message from Dayton Public schools was shared, via USA Today.

"The Dayton Public Schools are dealing with the student who chose to behave in a manner unbecoming of DPS athletes. The Dayton Public School District extends a sincere apology to the referee involved in the incident, as well as the Roger Bacon and Dunbar athletes, referees, coaches parents and spectators who were not able to play in or watch the event."

See the full video below, with the situation starting at about the 1:22:50 mark and head over to USA Today to read an extensive recap, including why Dunbar is already on probation with the OHSAA through 2022 following a 2016 incident.

Watch Roger Bacon vs. Dayton Dunbar from rogerbaconspartans on