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Video: Ohio State give player some fresh LeBrons and then has some fun with a players dunk contest

Anyone that knows how Ohio State's football program operates knows that strength coach Mickey Marotti, Urban Meyer and the rest of the coaching staff get after it and the players work their tails off for them.

...but they also understand how to have some fun too.

Wide receivers coach Zach Smith tweeted out the following video of Marotti at a team meeting today announcing that immediately following the meeting they were to go get their ankles taped, get some fresh LeBron's, and hit the basketball court for some fun.

It didn't end at basketball though. Eventually some of the more explosive athletes on the roster started to show off their dunking ability.

...and the Buckeyes have some dudes with some SERIOUS hops.

We grind... but know how to have fun too!! 🐐🏀

— Zach Smith #Zone6 (@CoachZachSmith) March 1, 2017