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Video: Ohio State's 'Champions Dinner' features staff softball and dodgeball with the team

Wherever Urban Meyer goes, the tradition of the Champions Dinner follows. It's an opportunity for the players who have worked their tails off all winter and spring to step away from football for a night and see the coaching staff in a different light, have a bit of fun, and then later on they all sit down for a big meal together.

This year the team gathered at the baseball stadium for some softball, cornhole, and dodgeball, followed by a cookout. 

As far as the coaching staff goes, you'll see that Urban Meyer is a brick wall at shortstop, not letting anything get by him, and Luke Fickell is untouchable in dodgeball.

In all seriousness, this is a great way for the players to see a different side of us as coaches while having some fun and letting them know that we appreciate their hard work and dedication during the off season.