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Video: Ohio State's Ryan Day breaks down game film with one of the NFL Draft's top QBs

The pairing of Buckeye quarterback Dwayne Haskins and offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach Ryan Day is one that Buckeye fans will remember fondly for decades

Over the course of his Ohio State career, Day helped develop Haskins from a backup early in his career to one of the best NFL Draft prospects at the position to come out of Ohio State in quite some time. When it was all said and done, Haskins completed 70% of his career passes, had 9 300-yard games and 4 400-yard games, and in 2018 he set a number of Big Ten and school record and went to New York as a Heisman trophy finalist.

In the video, Haskins and Ryan Day break down a number of plays, including some pre and post snap thought processes that went into each one, and towards the end Day shares some advice about being a quarterback in the NFL.

During the fourth quarter, during a two-minute drill while down seven points against Maryland, Day asks:

"So right here, what's more important? The time, or the down? That's what you've always got to ask yourself. When you're dealing with it at the next level, you're not going to have...the clock is not going to stop after a first down."

"A lot of times, you've got to be really smart about what's more important - the time? Or the down?"

See the full video below.