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Video: Ole Miss takes you inside their offensive line meeting room

Getting inside the position meeting room of an SEC program is rare, so when I saw that Ole Miss brought the cameras into one of their meeting rooms, I grinned a little bit.

...then when I saw it was their offensive line room, that grin turned into a full-fledged [mischievous] smile.

Watch offensive line coach Jack Bicknell, who has been coaching the offensive line at the college and NFL level since 1993 (with a stint from 1999-2006 as the head coach at Louisiana Tech), coach up his guys from the film after their first day of pads.

Within the first 15 seconds, Bicknell and his offensive lineman share one of their unique phrases after one of his guys pancakes a defensive lineman.

"What do we call this?" Bicknell asks, and players respond, "The moment of truth."

"That is a beautiful, beautiful thing," Bicknell says as he rewinds to watch it over and over again. A minute or so later another "moment of truth" takes place on the film.

Shortly after that, interim head coach Matt Luke shows up with some popsicles for the big fellas before they're dismissed to enjoy team taco night.

Take a rare look inside of an SEC film room, and enjoy.