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Video: Oregon State players pull prizes out of a hat, and a walk on gets surprised with a scholarship

Gary Andersen called a few guys up at the end of practice yesterday to pull some "prizes" from a hat.

The first guy drew 30 minutes of free study table time, and the next guy drew a scholarship for walk on Gave Ovgard, who couldn't believe what just happened.

Ovgard started his career in Corvallis as a walk-on receiver and was moved to the secondary last season due to some injuries and various struggles. In the two games that he saw action, Ovgard recorded 23 tackles, 1 interception, and a pass break up.

Now, thanks to a twist from Gary Andersen and his staff, he's on full scholarship...and the kid couldn't be more grateful.

Credit to Andersen and his staff for this one. Very creative idea.