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Oregon State RB coach Chris Brasfield is 'so fresh and so clean'

As far as fashion goes, most coaches know nothing beyond jeans or khakis and a polo or pullover, or whatever the equipment guys hand them to wear for practice or on game days. Oregon State running backs coach Chris Brasfield is not one of those guys.

Here's a commercial for Oregon State's Bennys (think: ESPN's ESPYs) where Brasfield shows off his fashion sense and even gives a quick lesson on how to tie a bow tie.

On campus in Corvallis, and in the coaching community, Brasfield is always one of the best dressed guy in the room. The word "Dapper" comes to mind. For those that might not know him, he's a great guy, extremely well liked in the profession, and everyone that has ever met him knows that he's a great person, and an excellent coach.

As this video demonstrates, Brasfield knows exactly who he is, and he embraces it. Like Kirk Herbstreit, he's comfortable in his own skin...but he does have some competition for "best dressed" nearby.

This tweet from last week was brought to our attention:

And there's this: