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Video: Oregon State takes you inside the unique design elements of their new uniforms

Oregon State revealed their new uniforms over the weekend, and today Nike shared some behind the scenes perspective on the design elements of those uniforms.

Fortunately for Oregon State, the lead designer on their quest for new uniforms (Tom Andrich) is an Oregon State graduate, so being able to have his hand in the design of the team's new uniforms was something you can tell in the video was a really special opportunity to him.

One of the coolest design elements in the new uniforms for the Beavers was the integration of a subtle wood marking in the numbers. Andrich explains how that came to be.

"I started to think about what it means to be an Oregonian. Thinking about where I had lived in my life, I started to think about the common denominator of the trees in the state. So I also started to think of Beaver nation and how all these places that people land, they take a piece of, Corvallis let's say, to their new place. That also tied into the tree rings, and the growth through the years."

Andrich goes on to share why they decided to go with "BEAVS" on the front of the uniforms for the first time ever, and shares a number of other great nuggets on the new threads along the way.

I always find these types of videos fascinating in how subtle elements of a uniform can tell a story, and unite common interests among the fans. This is a prime example of those design elements doing just that.