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Video: Oregon wants you to 'Join the Force'

It's late June, which means programs around the country are making their final push for people to eat up the remaining tickets. Auburn came up with an interesting strategy, Wyoming has a very sharp, impressive video to pitch, and Oregon never disappoints with their graphics / video prowess. It's that time of year for these things and we always want to share the best stuff out there with you.

Back to Oregon though. First, this image designed to be desktop wallpaper circulated around Twitter yesterday, and immediately impressed me and numerous other viewers.

Then Oregon released this video, urging viewers to "Join the Force". The way they package it with the artwork above and the video makes me want to jump on board, especially if you're a Storm Trooper fan.

"This fall, don't just watch it. Feel it. Hear it. Scream it. Live it. Be a part of it. JOIN THE FORCE."