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Video: A passionate answer to "Why do you coach?"

Early on in your coaching journey, perhaps before it even initially started, chances are good you were faced with the question - "Why do I want to coach." The answer to that question forces you to take a deep look at yourself to provide an honest answer.

Those who can answer honestly and with conviction are ones that dedicate their lives to coaching and changing the lives of young people.

As many times as I've seen that question answered by coaches over the years, I've never seen someone as passionate about the explanation provided as Derwin L. Gray. Gray is a former standout at BYU who went on to a career in the NFL and has since become a sought after speaker and author with books like The High Definition Leader.

Gray was a keynote speaker at the Texas High School Coaches Association in 2017, and that's where this clip comes from. Gray talks about leadership, while also answering the question "Why do you coach?"

The video may be a few years old, but the message portrayed is so true, and delivered with so much truth, passion, and conviction that it will be true for as long as there are players out there that need coaches.

Take a look.