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Video: The Patriots show you what life as an NFL scout is like

With the NFL Draft just weeks away, and the NFL Combine officially starting today and lasting the next six days, the hard work of NFL scouts across the league will begin to come to fruition.

Its a position, largely behind the scenes, that is often profiled being filled on The Scoop, but rarely is a glimpse provided at what goes into the life of a scout at the highest level.

Like many others, I've always been fascinated with the life that NFL scouts lead - digging into film, traveling across the country and spending time in facilities and at practices talking ball, personnel, and the potential of players on the NFL radar, among a host of other things.

The Patriots peeled back the curtain on the life of an NFL scout with this video, and it shares a bit about what their work looks like, and also allows cameras inside the meeting rooms to see the type of things that they discuss.